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Head office and factory
7 15540 Villähde

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Design software facilities
Teknologiantie 1 A 204
90590 Oulu

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E-invoice address:
Operator: Maventa
Operator address: 003721291126

Sales and export

Kimmo Köntti


 +358 40 554 5549


Heikki Kataja

Team Leader

 +358 44 550 1388

Design software

Antti Kyösti

Development Manager

 +358 44 076 6690

Design software

Jarmo Kajava

Truss design Manager

 +358 40 663 3397

Contact and order

Contact us and order nail plates by filling the contact form. Please use the list below to download an order form (xls). The easiest way to submit an order is to send it by e-mail to  or submit it by filling in the contact form below. Once we have received your order, you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail.

More information: +358 50 555 3165,

Order forms (xls)

 LL13 Combi / Splice joint / Corner Connector nail LL 10 LL13 Acid Resistant

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