3DTrussMe – 3D design software for wooden trusses

Programs own webpage www.3Dtrussme.com

Ristek’s TrussMe is an entirely new, full-fledged 3D design software solution. With this software, trusses are designed for the real, 3D world. In the design work, 2D and 3D models imported from AutoCAD or Tekla software can be used. This can reduce the number of errors and take into account any problems with reserved roof space and piping.

TrussMe includes the following functionality:

  • Structural and stress analysis (FEM)
  • Documentation
  • Calculations for design
  • Quantity lists for offer calculations (timber and nail plate quantities)
  • Manufacturing drawings and lists of parts and materials for production
  • Weights, dimensions, and supports for transport
  • Lifting equipment, support, and support against buckling for installation
  • Import and export of 3D models
  • Hundegger and DXF compatibility
  • Cloud-based software updates
  • Drawing up of custom lists of timber and nail plates
  • Applicability for all nail plates

Designer’s secondary tools cover the following:

  • Lengthening and shortening of an individual truss
  • A beam hole function
  • Purlins
  • Connection transfer
  • Storing of custom images, model trusses, and drawings
  • Design of the entire roof