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The expert in nail plates

Nail plates, also called pin plates, entered use in Finland in the ’70s. They have since been developed into an industrial product for a broad range of purposes, including the manufacture of trusses and applications in the packaging industry.

Nail plates, forming Ristek’s main product line, are manufactured on a dedicated product line in Lahti and mainly sold directly for industrial use.

Our manufacturing and sales portfolio also includes machinery and equipment – developed on the basis of empirical information received from truss manufacturers – for the manufacturing of trusses and NR design software used in the design of trusses.

Ristek Oy is a leading Finnish supplier of nail plates, and our personnel are by far the most professional and experienced in their field

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Quality and environmental management

Ristek Oy’s objective is to manufacture and produce high-quality nail plates and tools used to manufacture trusses, by using the best raw materials in a way that respects the environment. Our products are designed in such a way as to reduce the amount of raw material wasted to almost zero.

We produce nailplates yearly over

8 000 000